We are making every step count for ‘Steptember’!

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The crew at JH & Co have three teams participating in the Steptember challenge!
The challenge runs from 4th September to 1st October.
Our teams are Journal Junkies, Ledger Lovers & Accountaholics.

Our aim is to do 10,000 steps a day each, increase our activity and get fit and healthy, all while helping raise valuable funds for cerebral palsy. We believe it will also help our combined office health and productivity.

We are putting it out there to ask for donations to go towards this good cause. It will be great to have you on board as sponsors or you can also get involved with the challenge.
Our teams are all very competitive – which team will get the most steps???
Click this link to donate to Steptember.

Donate! https://event.steptember.org.au/donate
About the cause https://www.steptember.org.au/the-cause?_ga=2.149652918.120331547.1504480223-1402655994.1503967150



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