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Your invitation to Breakfast with…. Bill Fell


Is your dream of being in business slowly turning into a nightmare?

Does the sight of local businesses closing down or empty shop fronts concern you?

Do you wonder what changes you can make to remain profitable?


We have a mission to bring the dream back to small business by re-creating the excitement and passion for improving your business performance. In many cases, that means some sort of change is inevitable. Products may need to change. Markets are changing. Management philosophies may change. Values can change. Focus is changing. And most importantly, the customers’ views on what is ‘true value’ are changing. We know that change is one of the most difficult events to effectively manage and can cause problems of fear, suspicion, anger and even denial. We also appreciate that change and the resultant growth is due to people dealing with people.  So we take the time and effort to understand their role and their unique strengths within your business.

Every growing business will face a time when the skills, experience and expertise required to advance to the next level are not available within the organisation. You may have experienced one of these times already or feel you are headed towards one. Most business owners recognise that others can provide fresh insight, but finding a trusted person with the right experience is a daunting challenge.


With this in mind, we have maintained an excellent working relationship with Bill Fell, who in the last fifteen years has worked with family and corporate businesses throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.  He brings to our office an in-depth knowledge and experience, in conjunction with us, we offer a unique combination and opportunity for your business.


Join us for Breakfast with ….. Bill Fell on Friday 8th June, 2012 to participate in an open discussion and breakfast.


To secure your seat, call Emma at our office on 58311466. Limited numbers available.


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