The year that was and more – By Justin Hocking

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Do you find yourself looking back?

Back to the past and the year that’s gone?

If we change something, will we get a better result?

Do we need to take on the same function or approach our competitors are doing? It appears to work for them.

Of course we all appreciate the past. Our experiences drive how our future is going to be!!

During 2017 within our office we experienced significant changes. We had Nicole who was a long-standing member of our group choose to leave. She had contributed significantly to our business over the years and left with our blessing.

We also had other minor changes to our group during the year. As a result of the change experienced during the year, we now have a group infused with enthusiasm, passion and a wiliness to learn, develop and succeed. What they may lack in experience, they more than compensate for with skill and conviction to the business and you our clients.

The future cannot be influenced by the past or by our competitors. We should look at the futureas a blank page and create the way forward from what we have.

When we look to the future we see a very different business to what has been in the past. We have people with different skills, personalities, desires and passions and each with a different perspective and outlook. The experience of the past is not applicable to the direction of where these people will take the business.

Looking forward is strange, I caught myself thinking I wish I was starting again, with the opportunity I see within our current group of staff and clients.



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