“We don’t know of any other accounting firm that would be as active in helping to develop our business.

JH & Co do more than producing our quarterly results. While the reports they produce keep us up-to-date on financial performance, JH & Co do more such as developing our business management skills – setting direction and keeping us focused. They assist us in understanding our business and refining our processes.

JH & Co are a bit more than what we would see as a standard accounting practice. We see them as our business coaches.”


ACN Orchards

“As ACN Orchards we, Cohn & Nick Parris, have had a business relationship with Justin Hocking for over 20 years. This association with Justin has continued not only on a business level but also at a personal level. Justin has a quality about him that when helping to make decisions he gives you the whole picture. Although this may not be what you want to hear at the time you can be assured when making a decision you have been given all the facts to help make the right choice. Justin has surrounded himself with people who also have these qualities, employing people that are both helpful and knowledgeable. This has made his business professional but keeping that personal service which we all desire. Whether you are walking into the office or calling on the phone you can be assured that the friendly service you first had when meeting with Justin and his team will be the same 20 years later!”