Top Eight New Year Business Resolution Tips

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2017 is over and the New Year rings in with everyone making their own personal New Year resolutions. JH & Co care about you and your business so we decided to put together some resolutions and ideas that you can use to help plan a successful year.

  1. Make a list of goals
    Make a list of your main business goals for the year and put them up where you can see it everyday. Goals can include anything from sales targets, franchising, taking on more staff, developing social media presence or improving relationships with clients.
  2. Review growth, revenue and sales goals
    Reflection of the past is the best way to discover where you can improve. Ask yourself,
    Did my business grow?
    How did my revenues and profits compare with the previous year?
    Are my sales trending up?
    If your business hasn’t improved, come into the office for some professional advice from one of our accountants here at JH & Co and we can find out why.
  3. Do a customer review
    Getting feedback from you customers is the most effective way at finding what exactly your consumers are thinking and what they want. That way you will know what you need to change within your business. As the saying goes, the customer is always right. Contact JH & Co and we can help you develop the best feedback methods for your business.
  4. Stay up to date with important dates for tax and filing deadlines
    Tax laws and regulations can change, therefore make sure you are up to date and understand how any changes affect your business. We put reminders of these dates in our KEY DATES section of the newsletter.
  5. Develop a social media presence
    Nowadays websites and social media are almost essential to running a business. It is a way to reach new potential clients while also keeping your business alive in the minds of your current clientele. Contact JH & Co to find out more about improving your business’ online presence.
  6. Praise and encourage your employees
    Your employee’s are there working for you to make your business the best it can be. Positive employee morale creates a backbone for hard work and creates results. Make sure you take the time to thank your staff or shout them a well earned lunch when they have successes.
  7. Track finances
    Examine how you handle money. Make sure to always keep track of money coming in and money going out. Learn from the past year and figure out a better system.
  8. Keep software up to date
    It’s hard to update your computer software and programs when you are using them on a daily basis. Therefore in the quieter periods of the year it is a good chance to consider updating your systems.



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