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The Team at JH & Co have always strived to meet the needs of our clients when it comes to accounting and business management. We help clients adapt as the business world changes. In recent times, as a digital marketing presence becomes more and more necessary, we have realised this is an additional way we can support business.

Many of our clients have mentioned concerns as social media and digital marketing become more mainstream and we realise that in regional areas, it can be hard to get help from someone who lives and works in the area and who understands the complexities of regional business and marketing. So, we set in motion a search for someone with the right skills to fill this gap, and would now like to introduce Kateal, our new Marketing and Client Services Manager.

Having grown up in Shepparton, Kateal is aware of just how tricky it can be to reach your target market and also how important a good online presence is, whether that’s through a regularly updated social media account like Facebook, or a well thought out website. With a degree in Strategic Communication (basically a fancy way of saying a degree covering Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism and Digital communications) and a working background that spans healthcare, retail, customer service, marketing and social media management, she brings knowledge across a range of fields.

Kateal has been reviewing our own social media use and website and will soon be embarking on a revamp of these. She has also begun working with a number of clients to review their online presence including websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google business listings etc. The fresh perspectives on these businesses and their communications have had some immediate improvements, including one client moving across to a Facebook business listing to better reach their customers and engage more effectively with their suppliers and other businesses, and another using more imagery to increase their traction and interest. These are some simple but effective changes which have benefitted the clients, and they’re just the beginning of the work Kateal plans to do.

If you would like more information about how Kateal could assist your business please feel free to get in contact via our Facebook page, send an email through to or give us a call.


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