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  • In effect, we are shopping at your business when we offer these vouchers as rewards or prizes to others.
  • Your business will be promoted on our new upcoming website as being part of our voucher system. This includes a small section dedicated to your business with a description, photo, your logo and contact details including your website.
  • Your business will be promoted on our Facebook page as we use these vouchers for online competitions.
  • Your business will be promoted through our client base as we frequently give these vouchers as rewards.
  • It is at no cost or hassle to be involved in this voucher system, we do all the work.

How it works

  • JH & Co give a voucher to a client, employee or others as a reward, gift or prize .
  • The voucher can be used at a selection of local stores or cafes and a number of trades and service providers.
  • There are four different vouchers of value at $10, $20, $50 and $100.
  • When the voucher is used, the business owner can transfer it to credit for JH & Co fees.

I want to be on the voucher, what now?

  • Send an email with contact details to admin@jhco.com.au requesting you would like to be part of our voucher system.
  • Include your website and logo, which we can use to help promote you.
  • Wait for a customer to walk in the door of your store with a JH & Co voucher.

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