GV Brain Dinner, Shepparton 16th February 2012

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On the 16th March, 2012 our office invited a group of clients to come with us to the GV Brain event at the Shepparton Civic Centre. The guest speaker was Justin Herald who has built a significant clothing business based on simple phrases printed on t-shirts. He outlined his journey and how the first shirts simply had the word attitude printed on them and were originally created to make a point at church on Sunday. From this, his friends asked for similar shirts and as they say, the rest is history. Justin outlined some of his stories along the way about creating a demand for his product and not necessarily getting pulled back by the “well meaning” people around you that offer help but in the process hold you back . He also talked about being in business today, compared to when he started, outlining how he felt retailing had changed considerably and not necessarily for the better. He made an interesting comment in he considered the honor in business was no longer present.


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