GV Brain dinner 23rd August, 2012

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On the 23rd August, 2012 we took along a group of clients and staff to be entertained at the recent GV Brain Dinner. As an Essendon supporter amongst a sea of devoted Collingwood fans, it could easily have been a long  night with Mick Malthouse as the guest speaker, but thank goodness, it wasn’t. Mick spoke about his time spent as Coach of one of the AFL’s most popular and successful football teams with a long history of coaching. Mick mentioned that one of the common obstacles he came across in his coaching career was eliminating negative mindsets that players may have, based on comments they heard in the past. He found that once a player was able to eliminate this mindset they had greater confidence and their on the field ability increased. This is the same for business. Like JH & CO, Mick spoke about the importance of not just focusing on the end result but also taking the time to plan and strategise along the way.  The crowd enjoyed his views on his success as a Coach and these views could be directly related back to business. Overall it was an enjoyable night considering I was in a room of Collingwood supporters!


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