From New York to Shepparton Hacking is a real threat for all business

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I’ve been Hacked!
This creates a huge vulnerability for your online real-estate to be tampered with.

Almost 4 million Australians have been affected by cybercrime with the digital attacks costing the community $1.2 billion a year and a reported $445 billion in America. The average cost of time lost in Australia is around 14 hours resulting in $325 per incident in recovery costs.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority estimates that there are 15,000 compromised systems in Australia every day while another government report found that 60 per cent of small businesses hit by severe cybercrime were forced to shut down within six months.

The scary fact is your business is most likely being hacked right now. When businesses start to take charge of their online security and install the necessary software to pick up hackers and block them, they are blown away with how many hacking attempts are being made on their site daily.

When your website is hacked it can take days sometimes weeks to fix depending on the level of intrusion. It can disrupt your business activity and it can hit your back pocket hard, to fix it.

You cannot build a website and just let it run on autopilot. Software platforms, firewalls, modules and plugins need constant upgrading to try and keep one step ahead of the hackers.

“Hacking” means finding a weakness in a computer system or network and exploiting it.
Hackers have varying agendas such as malicious intent, spamming, fun, or profit and use your website and/or server to activate their criminal activity.

A trait that hackers share is a strong curiosity, they pride themselves on their ability to crack through systems. It is a costly and tiresome problem that has become one of the biggest threats business are now facing and right now businesses are woefully unprepared for this online wave of crime sweeping across the global business community.

Cyber security experts say that one of the most dangerous phrases used by small businesses is: “It will never happen to us.”

Small businesses may feel that they aren’t likely to be a target due to their size and that hackers couldn’t possibly be interested in what they do – but in reality the exact opposite is true.

Do you have any leaks in your online ship?

From more information contact Jo who works with a team of hack rescue experts to create and implement security measures to reduce your risk.

Jo Sheval


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