Do you dream of long-term financial freedom and security? Did you know there are clear cut steps to achieving such goals? If you’re interested in building wealth now and in the future, you need a plan.

At JH & Co, we’re dedicated to helping you realise your financial goals by listening carefully to your needs, and identifying all options available you.

Whether it be purchasing a property, business or other asset, we carefully analyse the numbers, allowing you to make an informed decision. We can then negotiate on your behalf, both with vendors and banks, to ensure that you receive the very best deal available.

JH&Co can also help with:

•    Transition to retirement pensions
•    Superannuation and self-managed super funds
•    Share and property investments
•    Personal Insurance

Finally, if you’re looking to grow personal wealth, we can offer tax advice, and put you in touch with our respected and innovative financial planner. If it’s personal property investment that interests you, our Melbourne contact can help start or add to a property investment portfolio.

Please contact our office for further information.