Could this happen to your business?

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Hack concept

Hack concept

Could your business be hacked?
Hackers are alive and well and get a thrill out of making business owners sweat. Cyber Liability Insurance can reduce your risks and help you rest easy knowing your business is covered from even the craftiest of criminals.

Here are some claims examples:

Travelling data:
A Travel Agency experienced three separate data breaches where hackers accessed over 250,000 customers’ credit card information and passport details. Nearly $2m was paid by the insurer for forensic and legal costs.

The link effect:
An online retailer’s website was defaced and included a link to a competing retailer’s website when hackers gained access to personal information and took control of their website. $800K was paid out for the loss of income, cost to repair the website and defence costs.

Lost property:
A sports drug testing consultant accidentally left his laptop at a sports ground.   The results of his tests were time sensitive and as a result of the lost laptop he breached his contract.  $70k was paid out for Business Interruption, notification costs for potential medical & PII breach and defence costs. He was able to claim $70,000 for business interruption, notification costs and defence costs for the breach of privacy


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