There is a saying “revenue is vanity, cash flow is sanity, but cash is king”.

We discuss with our clients why, although their income may be large and their profit seemingly healthy, the most important focus for their business is cash flow. Creating a cash flow helps to understand the ‘peaks and troughs’ of cashflow for the year ahead, helps our clients plan for the times when inflows will be low and when outflows will need to be significant … Paying the Tax Man for example!!

The financial accounts and tax returns are just tip of the ice berg (the boring bit!!).  They can however be used to stimulate a conversation to determine where the issues are in your business – then we are able to provide the solutions. It may be restructuring for the business, productivity of your staff, marketing, internal bookkeeping processes, securing future wealth, Investment options, understanding your KPI’s, looking at “What if” scenarios to increase profit, sometimes just being that outside person to help with decision making then ensuring they are followed through!

The list is endless as there isn’t a problem we have come across where we have been unable to find and deliver a solution.

We like to work closely with our client so the solution is a collaboration of our ideas, together with that of the business owner’s to create the strategy required and implement.