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You might have heard of the delicious strawberries out at Belstack Strawberry Farm which Peter and Marg Tacey founded back in 1986, 31 years ago. Peter has been with JH & Co since day one and we were lucky enough to have Peter take time out of his busy schedule to tell us more about himself and his business. 

What is your favourite part of owning and running Belstack Strawberry Farm?

What I like most is seeing people enjoying our organically/ bio-dynamically grown fruit and returning regularly to purchase more of it, We have not used any chemicals for 27 years and I am sure this contributes to the enhanced flavour as well as the keeping ability of our fruit.

You are known for your delicious strawberries but what other services do you offer that people might not know about?

I also make a range of jams, sauces, pickles and relishes from our excess fruit that are made to the recipes that my mother used.

We also do a strawberry education program for pre-schools, primary and secondary schools.

I also mentor people who want to purchase residential property around Australia through “Property Club”. My role is to educate my members and also help them get their taxable income down to zero legally, so that they can achieve financial freedom and not have to be on the pension in their retirement years. We are at the coal face doing this ourselves – my members have the steering wheel and the accelerator so I will guide them as fast or as slowly as they like.

You use Facebook quite regularly to promote Belstack Strawberry Farm, how important do you think it is to your success?

Facebook has proven to be a very valuable tool for us for example just before the recent heavy rain we put out a post to our followers (just over 1000) that we had lots of fruit to be picked. We offered ½ price picking and by the Thursday evening there was no ripe fruit left on the plants to be damaged. We had about 200 people come to pick and they got great quality fruit at extremely good value. This post was shared to 11,000 people, so it is a powerful tool.

What are your tips for picking the perfect strawberry?

Pick the strawberry with a short stem, this way it will last for a couple of weeks, then keep it in the fridge. Strawberries are best eaten at room temperature.

How has your experience with JH & Co been?

We have found JH&Co to be terrific, we have been clients since day one when Justin started the accounting practice.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?

That we have a successful year and have many happy customers.

Belstack Strawberry farm are open 7 days a week from October to the end of May. They will be closed Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year day. Keep an eye out on the website and Facebook page.

They have strawberries for about eight months of the year. Visitors can pick their own fruit then relax by enjoying a devonshire tea, strawberry sundae, ice creams, milkshakes or even a beer or a wine, in the café/ restaurant.




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